May Goals

April’s showers brings May flowers and so much possibility. I love ending the previous month reflecting on what I have accomplished in the month and brainstorming goals for the next month. Here are some goals that I have for the month:


  • Spend time with God
    • This year, I started attending a bible study group and I love that it brings more time for me to spend with God and other women my age. However, I do want to aim to spend 30 minutes alone with God in prayer, reading the Bible and meditation.


  • Post consistently on my blog
    • I have a problem with consistency at first. In order for something to turn into a habit, it can take an average of 21 days. For me, there is no goal to post 4 to 5 times a week but keeping a consistent presence on all my brand platforms.
  • Work on my Personal Brand
    • I am beginning to enter the professional world and need to start working on my resume, cover letter and personal site. I have not really needed to work on my resume in sometime with getting most of my jobs through people that I know. Now I want to dedicate time to work on making it better. 0

FinanciallyImage result for mint.com transparent

  • Work towards paying off credit cards
    • Recently, I received an increase in one of my credit cards. Which makes me happy, and it showed with my increase in spending. However, my goal is to keep my credit card under 30% of usage and continue paying on time. To monitor my accounts in one location and set goals for myself I use mint.com. Mint is a secure site where you can add all of your accounts, set goals, create budgets. It tracks your trends in spending so you know where most of your money is going. It is always food for me.
  • Continue saving in my savings account.
    • Don’t we all love to have money in emergencies? Currently I put $25 from each paycheck into my savings accounts for emergencies.


  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle
    • We have to eat to survive, but I love to eat and I love to eat well. A common way to bring my friends together is around food. If there is nothing else to do, we will go out to get food or drinks and have a good time. However, the weight has started to pack on. My plan is to change some habits around and maintain a healthy lifestyle through meal prep, juicing an
      d exercise.


What were you able to get accomplished in the month of April ? What are your goals for May ?

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