My experience of the Dr.Oz Weekend Juice Cleanse

Recently, I purchased a juicer and have gone juicing crazy. I decided that to start my healthier lifestyle I would do a juice cleanse. After research and finding one that would fit me the best, I decided on the Dr. Oz Weekend Juice Cleanse.

On Friday, I purchased most of the ingredients from Trader Joe’s and purchased the remaining ingredients from the farmers market.


The first drink, breakfast juice, contains carrots, apples and ginger. This is a juice that I can see myself drinking after the cleanse. It was refreshing and the ginger provided a nice kick. The mid-morning drink was also another favorite. A lot of people thought it tasted nasty because of the way that it looked. However, you cannot let the way your food sometimes looks intimidate you from trying it.

Breakfast Juice Ingredients
Breakfast Juice

From the cleanse I noticed how the drinks started with simple drinks then worked to drinks that were tougher to drink. The lunch drink was the first one, this drink reminded me of conch salad, however, there was no conch just mixture. I think the hardest part about drinking it was the onion and tomatoes, while I do love both, the two ingredients overpowered the remaining ingredients in the drink.

Afternoon Snack Juice Ingredients

With this cleanse I thought it fit well because you could have a meal for dinner. For dinner,  I chose to make roasted eggplants, sautéed bell peppers, mushrooms, and a side of fruit.

Aside from drinking the juices, I made sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day to make sure I stayed hydrated. If there was a time that I felt hungry, it often meant it was time for me to have another juice. In addition, to the juice cleanse I made my mom’s detox tea at night. With all of this I was able to flush out alot of toxins from my body. I felt so relieved after it was over. From the cleanse I lost 6 pounds, which seemed to be mainly water weight. If I do the cleanse again I will make sure that I am a bit more active. I stayed at home most of the time, which was hard to reframe from eating food in my fridge. I do suggest the cleanse the others.

Pre Dinner Juice

Have you done this juice cleanse before ? Are you considering doing a cleanse ?


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