Self Love Sunday : Self Care

2016 was a year where I had an elevation of growth in my life. When teenagers turn 18 we often think we are adults and try to do things that we always wanted to do. This year I transitioned more into the adulthood and responsbilities. Through self-reflection, I learned about the importance of self-love. I do not mean only telling yourself positive affirmations, but taking care of your body.

On weeks, when my schedule is not as busy, I try to take a bubble with my favorite Lush bath bombs, soft music and candles. Even if I have a busy schedule, making the time to do this helps me to clear my head, relax my body and check in with myself. Checking if I have any problem areas that are sore or may need attention.

In addition to bubble baths I  have dedicated time this year to adding in monthly massages . I feel that people look for money or things to bring them happiness, but I disagree. Taking care of your body and health can bring you happiness and peace of mind. Since, doing so I notice so many more areas of myself that I want to work on, but in a positive energy.

If you don’t I encourage everyone to take time out of their week for an hour to just relax in a bubble bath.

What things do you do to take care of yourself? Do you get your hair done or nails? Or how about taking bubble baths?