7 Beach Must Haves

School is out and summer is underway.

My favorite part about summer is spending more time than usual at the beach. I can live at the beach if it was possible.

  • Sunscreen – Sunscreen is supposed to be applied year round, however, many people do not do so. In the summer, I pile on the sunscreen more than usual and try to use an SPF of at least 50, although the FDA recommends an SPF of 30.

  • Sunglasses – I love wearing sunglasses. Recently, I purchased a pair from TheCopperCloset, which is a boutique in Jacksonville, Florida. My latest obsession has been black and gold and this will be my go to pair while this obsession lasts.

  • Cell Phone – How else are you going to take cute beach pictures?

  • Beach towel – If I cannot find beach chairs I make sure to bring my beach towel to protect me from the sand. Besides leaving the beach, I need something to wash me off after getting out the water.
  • Beach Umbrella – More protection from the sun, giving me the opportunity to go in and out of the sun as I please.


  • Water – At the beach can be draining and it is important to stay hydrated. Water is necessity, but I prefer drinking infused water.

  • Beach bag – I cannot carry everything in my hands.