July 2017 Goals Review

I cannot believe July is over. At some points in life it feels like life can be going so slow, yet so fast and we barely have time to breathe. We can be moving so fast in life that when we have a moment of silence we become slump and binge watch our favorite shows or sleep our life away. Moments of reflection are a great way to stay productive during down time, especially reflection of our goals.

Financial – I actually create a budget this month. I did do it a bit later the I would have liked, but it is done.  Some life changes caused me to be more mindful of my spending and finding more ways to save an extra buck if I can.

I did a win-lost with paying off my credit cards. I did pay off one of my credit cards  and have not used it since. However, I kept getting nails in my tire and ended having to buy a new tire. This is why having a budget and emergency money set aside is important.

Health – I completely failed at eating healthy this month. I recently moved out of my apartment and I am subletting at an associate’s place until I move into my next apartment. It was hard for me to try to cook in the space, while respecting someone else’s space. I did try when I ate out to make healthier options where I could.

Lifestyle – Major life change, I decided not to move from my college town and stay an extra year. This is why recapping goals is good. To see how things change is crazy. So many opportunities ended up happening and I do not know if staying here was the best option, but the lease is signed and plans are being made. My goal is to go more into the direction of things that will make me happy. Working on blog, getting back into my writing and finding what makes me authentically happy.

It is ironic that I put to remove toxic friends from my life and the friend that was toxic, but I actually moved in with one. I do not think they are toxic, but I did realize how inconsiderate they were being to me and ways they were taking advantage of me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t remove them from my life but I began the process.

One reoccurring theme has been learning from the lessons. With everything that has happened, I have learned from the lessons and reflect on how to improve for next time.

How are your goals going? How did they change from the beginning of the month to now?


2 thoughts on “July 2017 Goals Review”

  1. ANITA JONES says:

    great! I don’t see anything about your education and the importance of being educate, skilled and certified! what’s up – talk more about your level of higher learning as well.