July 2017 Goals

Financial –My spending has gotten a bit out of control. In some ways, I still have a high school mindset with spending money, when I see something I like, I buy it. I got my first job in high school and I had no bills to pay, I could spend my money on what I please. Now that I am finishing college and pay all my bills it is harder because I cannot just spend as I please.

I found Kim Galeta’s guide to help create a budget and maintain a budget as a young adult. My goal is to create a budget and give myself a weekly allowance and take cash out, rather than using my card. My current dilemma is deciding whether to leave my cards at home or take them with me for emergencies. If you have any suggestions please comment below.

Another goal is reducing the amount due on my credit cards. My goal was to pay off my credit cards by my birthday. That didn’t happen, but I hope to have it done by the end of the summer. For now, I will try to pay off the card I owe the lease on then work from there.

Health – Balancing a healthy diet with my office job that has a ton of parties is a challenge. Many times, I think if only I had a trainer like Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian I would be fine. However, I have realized it is discipline that I need. At my old apartment, I worked out every day and made smoothies, drank a gallon of water a day and drank tea. I am trying to get back to that old routine, but add in new tricks.

Another challenge with eating healthy is that I have been traveling a lot more. Traveling can cause me to eat trash. I have low energy and I just keep eating so much. My plan is to pack snacks to keep myself full incase of cravings or temptation. My goal is to create a health regimen that can fit with my everyday lifestyle and when I travel.

Lifestyle – I’m moving…again!! I move what feels like every year, however, I am making the big move to leave my college town. I am organizing my job search and apartment search. It is harder in other ways then when I moved to my college town or within an area. My goal is to figure out the logistics of it all and hope that the timing works itself out.

Another goal I have set is to remove toxic energy. Lately, I have had many realizations for which friends are here for me and when I am only there for them. You can choose who and what you want in your life. I have goals that I want to accomplish and I am cautious about the people around me who are here for me and who have goals just as big if not bigger to accomplish on their own. I do not want people who are comfortable with where they are in life. You are whom you hang out with. If you are comfortable with staying in the same place, I do not want it around me; I want what God wants for me. If moving forward in life means leaving, people behind then so be in.


We have reached the half way point of 2017. What are your goals for 2017? What have you accomplished so far? Anything you have left you want to accomplish?


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