Summer Adventure | Grown Restaurant Review

If you can’t already tell from my social media, I love to eat and I love trying new places.

For the past few years I had been following this restaurant and would forget to try it on my trips back home or didn’t have the time, but I finally found the time.

Grown is a restaurant made of 100% organic food, no GMOs , preservatives, hormones or processed sugar. Grown was started by Shannon Allen, creator of the Pregame Meal, a show to give alternative options to players when preparing for a game or sports fans when watching a game. Shannon is also the wife of Ray Allen, former basketball plater, and is the mother of five children. Learning the story made me even more interested in going to the restaurant and eating the food.

The restaurant is located in Coconut Grove, Florida near the University of Miami.

I went with my mom and we were overwhelmed with the options on the menu. She is a pescatarian and I typically do not eat meat when I am with her. The menu had so many great options to choose from and had plenty of options that fit her diet preferences. My mom opted for the salmon and I got the shrimp to go along with a salad. A customer behind us raved about the Mexican corn dish, so we decided to try it.

Like many restaurant, Grown included the trendy infused water, but with a twist of watermelon and lemon. We decided to sit outside and enjoy the cool breeze.

The food looked so fresh and tasted fresh as well. All the flavors were so natural in the food. The shrimp was well seasoned and cooked to perfection.


My only disappointment is that when I ordered my juice it was pre-prepared. I would have preferred for it to be prepared when I ordered, however, it tasted amazing. I would definitely go again but would order less food because it is a bit pricey.



2 thoughts on “Summer Adventure | Grown Restaurant Review”

  1. Thank you for taking the time to visit us and for the lovely review. We only pre-make our juices during lunchtime when we are slammed (usually about every 3 minutes) so guests don’t have to wait. As long as you drink your juice within :20 minutes of being pressed you receive 80%-100% of the nutrients. We are thankful you and your Mom checked us out and appreciate you dining with us. Our food is pricier than traditional “fast food”- we run a whopping 60% food cost because we are a 100% USDA organic certified facility- which means every single ingredient you enjoyed is 100% organic. You may have also noticed that we run a scratch kitchen- we make everything fresh at grown- our soups, marinades, hummus and even our salad dressing. We hope you can taste and most importantly, FEEL the difference! #gratefulplateful…Shannon #grownwomam

    1. rashebajones says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and to leave a comment. Although your food is pricer, I did feel better afterward and would much rather go there over a fast food chai anyday even if I have to wait longer (the wait was not long). I felt and tasted a BIG difference, plan to bring friends with me to experience the difference next time.