Starting A New Health Regimen

Fall is upon us and I hear summer bodies are built-in the winter. I seriously pigged out over the summer, and I need to go back on my health regimen.

One friend asked me to do a kickboxing class with her and I immediately said yes. I really want to start trying new workouts and I think it will be a great experience. In addition, we plan on doing yoga classes as well.  Another friend of mine posted on Snapchat asking for a workout partner, so I immediately said yes. Now we will be working out Monday, Friday and Saturday at the stadium.

As for my health plan, I will be back grocery shopping. With moving, I ate out for every meal and that took a big toll on my body mentally and physically and my wallet. I plan on eating at home more and eating out less. However, I will not deprive or prevent myself from something, like chocolate or other sweets, but will consume it in moderation.

Like everything else, I am setting fitness goals to this. I love setting goals, because it helps me to define exactly what I want to gain or in this situation lose. Here is a few I will share with you.

  • lose arm fat
  • lower stomach fat
  • drop 20 pounds
  • increase/maintain healthy eating habits
  • increase/maintain water intake

I will give myself a 30 day challenge to see how far I can get with this and aim to lose 10 pounds for now, but I do want to lose 20 overall.

Do you have any health goals, transitioning into the new season ? What are they ?



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