Switching to Natural Products Series: Deodorant

Kiss My Face – This is the current deodorant that I am using and this deodorant spells delicious. It is very light and refreshing, almost makes me want to taste it, but I didn’t. I do feel this is a great deodorant and provides really good protection. I am up headed to work at 7 am and walk everywhere from my class to work and then to the stadium to workout and back home. Of course by the time I workout I am a bit smelly, but it lasts from 7 am to 6 pm.








Primal Pit Paste – This deodorant has a deodorant stick as well as the scoop( pictured to the right) where you can scop the deodorant. I have always used the scoop and like it better. I started off with the lavender flavor, but I recently purchased the deodorant with no scent to see the difference. It is still amazing to me.