Mini Life Update + October Goals

It is so crazy to think how much can change in a month. My life has been super busy these last few months and my goals shifted in so many ways. The goals I intended for September, my goals happened, but did not go as I planned but in a good way.

Lifestyle – Last month, I mentioned me relaunching my National Millennial Community blog column, but that did not happen. However, I was offered a position to be a co-content creator for the blog and social media. Which I am grateful for and I thank God because we make plans and he laughs and gives us something better.

Health – For my health regimen, it has been a mix of trash and good. I took a trip to New York so my diet did go a bit crazy, but I am slowly getting it back. I have been doing different workouts and nothing I planned has been going as I thought.

Financial – As I mentioned in my lifestyle section, I took a last-minute trip to New York City. It was something that I was so happy that I did and got to experience it.

October Goals !

  •  Plan and be organized with my content creation, but be prepared for it to be changed.
  • Try to figure out how to continue working out and eating healthy even while traveling.
  • Get back to saving money to reach my goals of paying off my credit card before the year is up.
  • Continuing living my best life.