New York City Part One

I finally went to New York City!

This trip was sort of planned, but completely on impulse. If you stay updated in the news, then of course you know that Florida was hit with Hurricane Irma. Although where I was, was not effected majorly in any way. It did cause me to miss work, which had me questioning whether I should go on the trip at all. I had not told many people I wanted to go because I felt that sometimes when I asked friends for advice they answer the questions from their life situation and not from yours. I only told one colleague and she highly encouraged me to go. I went to Starbucks since my Wi-Fi was having trouble from the storm and booked the trip from there.

Honestly, everything seemed to just perfectly fall into place. From finding a place to stay, to once I got there traveling from New Jersey into the city. I just know God was with me the entire time.

The first day, I checked into my Airbnb and quickly learned how to use the subway. I headed over to Manhattan and found a local juice spot, Juice Bar NYC. I asked the juicer, what he liked and he told me about a juice he made himself so I  ordered that and a shot of wheat grass.

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My plan was to do this map I found on Pintrest, but we know how that goes, we plan and nothing ever goes as planned. I was walking down the street towards Central Park and saw a woman who I thought was buying a bust ticket and I asked her if that’s what she was doing, it turned out it wasn’t. We began talking and I quickly learned that she moved back to NYC from Florida after 12 years of retirement. She told she was headed to Central Park to listen to a guitarist and I asked if I could tag along. So I did, she showed me great places to go within Central Park and let me in on a bit of her life. Traveling solo, gives you more of the opportunity to do whatever and just go with the flow and not feel like there is someone else who may be impatient or want to do something so badly.

Later that evening, I went to dinner with a friend. After dinner my friend took me through Times Square and then to a bar with a rooftop bar that overlooked the Empire State Building.

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