Sweet Tea Restaurant Review

If you haven’t realized it before from my Instagram feed I love eating, especially eating out at new restaurants or old gems. At work, we went to this local restaurant, Sweet Tea for a coworkers birthday.

Most restaurants serve biscuits or bread, but Sweet Tea serves boiled peanuts before the meal, it was a nice twist.

For the appetizer, we ordered sweet potato fritters and fried green tomatoes. I had never thought of sweet potato fritters s an appetizer, but it was definitely worth it. Honestly, I wanted to order a plate to take home. The fried green tomatoes was tasty, I have brought green tomatoes from my local farmers market, but cannot recall a time I had them fried. It was such a delicious mix.

For my entrée I ordered fried shrimp and grits paired with a salad. When I go out to eat, with my mom usually she wold order the shrimp and grits. Now I saw why it was delicious and left me feeling warm inside. 

I can see this being a restaurant I go to and order the same thing, however, i know there are amazing things across the menu that I would want to try everything. If you are in the area and need suggestions of a cute restaurant to go to, I highly suggest Sweet Tea. Everything is just lovely and left me feeling satisfied.