The Salty Donut

If you have been following the donut/bagel craze from rainbow, to different color or even donut burgers. While The Salty Donut has not done anything as drastic as a donut burger, they have taken some donut risks.

I decided to ahead and get six different donuts to tryout as many of their flavors as possible. Each donut seemed like a person because they each had a unique personality or flavouring to them.

Top Left to Right : Grapefruit + Strawberry, Pistachio, Guava+ Cheese Bottom Left to Right: Banana + Hazelnut , White Chocolate Tres Leches, Maple Bacon

The white chocolate tres leches is definitely a favorite of mine. It tasted like a creamy latte in donut form, minus the espresso. Its perfect if you want something with light flavoring.

White Chocolate Tres Leches


The guava + strawberry donut is the staple spring/summer donut. It is a delicious mix of summer fruits and donuts for a refreshing taste.

Guava + Strawberry
Banana + Hazelnut

My absolute favorite donut is the perfect meal replacement, better than any smoothie (haha jk). However, it is mouth watering.

Maple Bacon