Stay Moisturized with Bliss Body Butter Lemon & Sage

We all know fall is the start to the holidays, cooler weather and dry skin.

I already started revamping my skin care routine to stay moisturized for what’s ahead.

Last holiday season, I worked at Kohl’s in the beauty department and was exposed to a beauty product, Bliss. At first I was hesitant to use the product, only using it a couple of times. I remember coworkers passing through the beauty department to use the sample product. Finally, I can say I am as obsessed as they were.

I was gifted by Influence Her Collective the Bliss body butter in Lemon & Sage 

I naturally navigate towards body butters and lotion that have a natural scent, such as lavender, peppermint, grapefruit and etc. The Bliss Lemon and Sage body butter is the perfect subtle fragrance. 


The lotion isn’t heavy but you can definitely feel the moisture. I liked the fact that there is a normal size, which I can leave at home. As well as a travel size that I can throw in my purse for everyday use. Or I can add it to my luggage when I travel to stay moisturized while I travel.

My favorite thing about this product is how affordable it is, so it won’t break your products to smell good and stay moisturized throughout the day.

Have you tried Bliss products before? What is your go-to scent?

As always style on,